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Ua-26408784-1 search menu search options advanced search search help home contact us access old springerlink sign up / log in sign up / log in institutional / athens login english deutsch corporate academic look inside get access find out how to access preview-only content close acta neuropathologica july 2000, volume cardinal, issue 4, pp 385-389 tau-positive neurons in corticobasal degeneration and alzheimer’s disease – distinction by thiazin red and silver impregnations t. Uchihara, a. Nakamura, m. safe mix adderall viagra Yamazaki, o. viagra vs viagra vs viagra one better Mori … show all 4 hide look inside get access abstract thiazin red (tr), a fluorochrome that has an affinity to fibrillary structures such as neurofibrillary tangles (nfts) or senile plaques, was utilized to investigate assembly of tau protein into fibrils in tau-immunopositive neocortical neurons of corticobasal degeneration (cbd) and of alzheimer’s disease (ad). viagra viagra dosage Double fluorescence with anti-paired helical filament monoclonal antibody (at8) and tr was followed by either the gallyas or bodian silver impregnation method, which enabled a comparison of the staining features by three different methods on the same neuron. generic viagra Nfts of ad were uniformly stained by tr and gallyas method. Most of tau-immunopositive neurons of cbd were similarly stained by gallyas method but barely or only weakly by tr or bodian method, suggesting that tau in neocortical neurons of cbd is less liable to form fibrillary structures than in those of ad, easily distinguishable by tr staining. viagra for sale in the uk Clarifying the process of tau assembly using this fluorochrome will give a clue to understanding mechanisms of tau deposition, which may be different in various neurological disorders. viagra from canada Received: 6 september 1999 / revised, accepted: 16 december 1999 page %p close plain text look inside other actions export citations register for journal updates about this journal related content supplementary material (0) references (0) about this article title tau-positive neurons in corticobasal degeneration and alzheimer’s disease – distinction by thiazin red and silver impregnations journal acta neuropathologica volume one hundred, issue 4 , pp 385-389 cover date 2000-07-01 doi 10. 1007/s004010000186 print issn 0001-6322 online. generic viagra in usa generic viagra pharmacy masterplanning and urban design

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